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The Alserkal Group is a leading UAE business group with a 165-year legacy spanning multiple and large projects.
The Alserkal family played a pivotal role in the political field of the UAE before transitioning into business. The group pioneered several trading enterprises and services, establishing itself as a top marker in the economic growth of the UAE. Today, the Alserkal Group has a footprint across sectors like real estate, general trading, travel and tourism, environmental services and cultural initiatives

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nasser bin abdullatif alserkal

Born in Dubai in 1917, Nasser Bin Abdullatif Alserkal left an indelible mark on the UAE’s economic and social landscape. His education at AI-Ahmadiyya, Al-Falah, and AI-Sa’adah schools prepared him for future success. By 1930, he began working with his elder brother, Eissa Bin Abdullatif Alserkal, at the British Political Agency in Sharjah.
Nasser’s career shifted when he joined the meteorology office at Sharjah airport and later participated in the locust campaign across the Trucial Coast and Oman. In 1945, he worked for Petroleum Investments Company and a mining company on Abu Musa Island.
Restless and quick to spot business opportunities, Nasser founded his own company in 1947 in Dubai. His entrepreneurial spirit and diverse contributions were widely recognized.


In the banking sector, Nasser played a key role in establishing a branch of Eastern Bank Ltd in Sharjah in 1957, breaking the banking monopoly. He was a founding board member of the National Bank of Dubai in 1961 and co-founded the Commercial Bank of Dubai in 1963.

In 1955, he installed the first electric generator in his Deira home and began distributing generators. He helped establish Dubai Electricity Company (now DEWA) in 1961 and founded Sharjah Electricity Company (now SEWA) in 1963.

Nasser revolutionized communication in Dubai by introducing the first telephone in 1957 and establishing Dubai State Telephone Company Ltd (now Etisalat) in 1960.

He was a founding member of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1965 and an influential figure in the Dubai Municipality from 1957 to 1977. He played a significant role in healthcare as a board member of Al Maktoum Hospital and co-founded Beit Al Khair Association in 1989.

Nasser’s business experience and vision shaped the rules of business and trade in the UAE. His entrepreneurial foresight paralleled the UAE’s growth into a global business hub. A true innovator and philanthropist, Nasser balanced profit with a genuine desire to improve his community’s quality of life.

He passed away on April 4, 1990, leaving a legacy of innovation, leadership, and community service. His story continues to inspire future generations of entrepreneurs in the UAE and beyond.