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Nasser bin Abullatif Alserkal


Born in Dubai in 1917, Nasser Bin Abdullatif Alserkal studied in AI-Ahmadiyya, Al-Falah and AI-Sa’adah schools. He began work with his elder brother, Eissa Bin Abdullatif Alserkal, in the British Political Agency in Sharjah, from 1930 till 1935.

He then worked at the meteorology office at Sharjah airport, later joining the locust campaign, which had been initiated on the Trucial Coast and Oman. In 1945, he worked for Petroleum Investments Company and, finally, joined a mining company on Abu Musa Island.

Restless in temperament and always probing for business opportunities and quick to spot them, he founded his own company in 1947, establishing it in Dubai. His contributions have been recognized and acclaimed for their diversity.

In the banking sector, he played a vital role in Eastern Bank Ltd opening a branch in Sharjah in 1957, effectively dismantling the prevailing banking monopoly in the region and providing easy banking facilities to traders. He was a founding board member of the National Bank of Dubai in 1961, serving as vice chairman of the board. He was also a founding member of the Commercial Bank of Dubai in 1963 and a member of the board of directors of the UAE Development Bank from 1976 to 1979.​

He was the first to install an electric generator in his home in
Deira in 1955. Seeing its potential, he began distributing
generators in the market. In 1961, he contributed to establishing
Dubai Electricity Company, now Dubai Electricity and Water
Authority (DEWA), and was a board member till 1978. In 1963, he
established Sharjah Electricity Company, now Sharjah Electricity
& Water Authority (SEWA).

He brought the first telephone to Dubai in 1957 and
masterminded the establishment of Dubai State Telephone
Company Ltd in 1960, now Etisalat, and was a founding member
of its board of directors till 1978.

He was also a founding member of Dubai Chamber of Commerce
and Industry in 1965 and one of its honorary members.

He was a prominent member of the Dubai Municipality from its
inception in 1957 till 1977, serving as vice president for several years, as well as chairing the health and traffic committees. He was a member of the board of directors of Dubai’s first hospital, Al
Maktoum Hospital, and in the field of charity, was one of the founders of Beit Al Khair Association in 1989.

His vast business experience, both in the market and boardroom,
contributed to establishing the rules of business and trade in the
country. His vision as a businessman grew alongside UAE’s
development as a global business hub. A true innovator and
entrepreneur, he cared as much about improving quality of life as
about profit.

He passed away on Sunday 4 April 1990.

Ahmad Alserkal


“Since our inception in 1947 by Nasser bin Abdullatif Alserkal, we have maintained the needs of our customers as our prime focus, catering to their requirements through our various services, technology and products.

At Alserkal, we don’t only focus on our corporate growth but look to our community growth as well, be it through relationship building, engaging in various corporate and social activities, and spreading awareness.

We have been blessed for the overall role we play in UAE and Dubai especially, and persist to continue on this ever-growing path with our clients and customers remaining as our main priority”


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