Blue LLC

Blue seeks to develop sustainable waste management and environmental services that safeguard our world for future generations, despite an ever-increasing population and demand on resources.


Blue offer efficient and creative products, solutions, and a broad range of specialized and technical services to help our clients maintain the highest levels of health in their companies, including waste collection and recovery facilities, energy-saving solutions, food waste systems, technical products, and specialized cleaning and decontamination services.



Envirol is part of the Alserkal Group of Companies, which is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our joint venture with the Dubai Municipality to recycle grease trap waste from food services has given us the best forum in the area to demonstrate our unique technology, which allows us to separate the maximum percentage of FOG from grease trap waste and recycle it into functional goods. Our mission in the Middle East is to provide and spread an environmentally friendly disposal alternative for grease trap waste.

Instead of combining grease trap waste with sewage water or dumping it into municipal drains, our system aims to help waste collectors and cleaning companies manage and treat grease trap waste in a healthy and environmentally friendly manner.

Blue Biofuels

Blue Biofuels is a pioneering biofuel company committed to revolutionizing the way we think about waste and energy. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, leading the charge towards a greener, more eco-friendly future.

Alserkal Properties

Alserkal Properties, part of the Alserkal Group, is a leading real estate company based in Dubai. Known for its commitment to excellence, Alserkal Properties focuses on creating high-quality residential, commercial, and industrial projects. The company emphasizes community development, environmental responsibility, and modern design, aiming to enhance the urban landscape and improve quality of life. Alserkal Properties’ portfolio includes iconic landmarks and thoughtfully designed spaces that cater to the diverse needs of Dubai’s growing population, solidifying its reputation as a trusted name in the real estate industry.